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The families of children with special needs, need a specialized advocate to ensure that they are informed and empowered to receive all the services available to their child for their educational success and their future.

Kendell has been an advocate for many years, starting with her own children in 1999. She struggled to get her son Joshua services for several years before she found a little book that spelled out her rights as parent of a child with a disability and was finally able to get him an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) under SLD (Specific Learning Disability). After she educated herself on her rights,  she tried collaborating with the school to provide services for him. The school only offered a self contained room. Kendell knew that was not an appropriate placement for Joshua. Unsuccessful, and very frustrated, she home schooled him for two years. Worried about socialization, she went to the school to have him re-evaluated. She was determined that she was not going to put him back in school if they were not willing to offer him an appropriate placement. After testing was completed, the school offered all general education classes with one hour of resource per day. That fall, Kendell enrolled Joshua as a 6th grade student in the local school. When Joshua was re-evaluated, he no longer qualified for an IEP.

In 2006, Kendell started her position with Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center in Effingham, Illinois. Family Matters is one of two Parent Training and Information Centers in Illinois, the largest geographically covering 94 counties in Illinois.   She is “very adept at doing research, finding resources for families and staying abreast of all the special education rules. She assisted other staff in understanding and locating pertinent information in the regulations.” “Kendell responded to calls that came in from all over the state of Illinois and assisted families with problem solving, consultation, record reviews and guidance regarding special education issues.”

-Deb Einhorn Executive Director Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center.

Joshua is now 22 years old and has a wife and two beautiful children.

Kendell has also contributed to a book on the special education process called “When the school says NO, How to get a YES” written by Vaughn Lauer Ph.D.

“I have found Kendell to be very knowledgeable of IDEA regulations, understanding of school systems, supportive of students with and without disabilities, an extremely effective communicator (verbally and in writing) and potentially a viable liaisonal candidate who could work fairly and positively with school staff and parents of children with disabilities.”

– Vaughn Lauer Ph. D.

Kendell also has a three year old son Noah, who has an IEP. Noah was born premature and had a lot of trouble with ear infections. To date he has had three sets of bilateral ear tubes.   He currently has an IEP for Speech only.

Kendell Vinot
Chief Advocate


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